Kasie & Brandon Intimate Elopement in Boerne, Texas

A day with the coolest couple, getting married, with no guests, no wedding planners, no schedule, no restrictions is a literal photographers dream. Elopements touch our hearts in such a unique way. If you are anything like us (Thomas and Vivi), than you know that the moments most dear are when its just us two. The sense of warmth that one gets when they’re with the person they are in love with is a feeling like no other. Thats exactly what this elopement was. This was by far our MOST intimate ceremony ever. Don’t get us wrong, as much as we love being present with our couples when they celebrate with the people most dear to them, this day was beyond intimate and will forever be special to us.

And by intimate, we mean intimate. It was just us, Kasie, Brandon, Sadie, and their sweet baby Noah. Although he was still in his momma’s belly at the time, we definitely felt the love between all four of them. Photographing their elopement was so easy. I mean besides the fact that Kasie was GLOWING, and Brandon looked like he was straight out of GQ… making them smile and melt into each others arms was no difficult task. It was such a pleasure being able to experience something so beautiful.

Please, please check out Kasie’s instagram (@kasielove) and follow her amazing non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids fight cancer. She is a freaking superwoman, and we are forever grateful for the opportunity we had to cross paths with such amazing people.